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Literature Love // A Retrospective Look At A 1969 Gent!

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We fell in love with vintage playboy, when Lauren picked up a pretty 1966 copy from a shop in Berlin last year and realised that other than the few racy pages of Sixties pin ups baring their bods, it actually contains really interesting in-depth articles on contemporary issues and probing interviews of the great artistic, cultural and literary figureheads of the time! In all honestly, it kinda puts today's journalism to shame a little.

This week Twee Towers added another vintage gem to our little library with this amazing copy from 1969 featuring interviews with Allen Gingsberg, pictorials of Vanessa Redgrave and the delightful Brigette Bardot, recipes to make with chili in which you are advised to serve your guests food that says "i'm hot stuff and hearty and guaranteed to win a warm reception" as well as a Spring & Summer fashion forecast - for all the dedicated followers of fashion! Even better, we found this copy for a measly 99p! Lush. It even came with the centrefold still in tact, which we've heard is pretty rare nowadays!

Here's a few of the highlights:

The Bardot pictorial is simply stunning. Beautifully shot, with a dreamy ethereal feel to all the photos. Bardot herself, just simmers! Completely in love with the typography used here too!

Vintage ads! With tongue in cheek punch lines appealing to the finer gentleman, these ads always make us giggle and some are just darn right clever!

'The language of legs', how a girl deploys her gams when seated reveals far more than her lower limbs, apparently. In light of the appearance of the mini skirt in the Sixties, this funny, psychological feature explores the body language of how a women sits with her legs and explains just what this says about her personality! Because, you know, the best way to woo a girl is to scientifically analyse her first and make your move accordingly...

As a fan of sitting cross-legged Lauren is "The Emancipated Woman" - independent and unconventional, she's the epitome of the "new girl." She digs her freedom, up-to-date fashion and faraway places. The Out Islands are in - take her there and you'll be, too.

Rhi, regularly sits working with one leg tucked up the other , making her "The conformist", if you spot her at a party head determinedly but quietly for her chair; she likes being told what to do, but doesn't like to attract attention. A slow starter, once committed, she's wholeheartedly yours. N'aww.

We're not sure how accurate those descriptions are but Gents, there's a little bit of insight there for you! It probably just reveals that we both have very bad circulation.

"Illuminating propositions to keep you out of the dark". Did NOT expect to delve into a lads mags and see shopping features on lights!

The THIRTEEN page interview with Allen Ginsberg ... or more appropriately, a short novella, see what we mean, proper journalism! A highly engaging candid conversation with the eccentric hippie-guru poet laureate and one of the leading figures of the Beat Generation and strong opposer of militarism, materialism and sexual oppression. Playboy, intelligently probes (that's a sentence we never thought we'd say!) Ginsberg on his thoughts on characterisation, how he sees himself and his acceptance of his own homosexuality.

And last but not least, a must-read for all well-turned out gents of the Sixties - Playboy's guide to revolutionary new trends, 'the Spring & Summer Fashion Forecast'. For your info, emanicipation and eclecticism were the keynotes for that year's silhouette. Edwardianian-style jackets and greatcoat collars were to adorn the backs of those in the know, but don't forget to check out the other new looks of the season - the white cardigan, no-button suits or a dark two-button chalk stripe with angled pockets.

We hope you enjoyed today's nostalgic amble in to 60s - we did!

Much love,
L&R xx


stina said...

'The language of legs' - hilarious and cute. and one gotta love the fashion! thank you for sharing this little peek!

Maria said...

This is really fantastic and quite surprising in some ways...not what I was expecting!

Maria xxx

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