Sunday, 15 January 2012

Twee Art // Rob Ryan

Happy Sunday Sweets,

Last year we started talking about some of the art we have in Twee Towers (like our dreamy
Hannah Frank prints) and its something we've been meaning to revisit... So without further ado, let us show you some of our favourite Rob Ryan pieces that are propped up about Twee Towers.

RCA Graduate Rob Ryan specialises in paper cut art and screen printing and makes the most beautiful images with these techniques, each piece tells a story - be it a heartwarming or heartbreaking one; laced (metaphorically and aesthetically) with a touching delicacy of intricate detail and insightful understanding of life's highs and lows. Whether he's addressing romance or loneliness with his art, he does it beautifully.

He first grabbed our attention when he created this piece of wonderment for Vogue magazine, a paper-cut dress, simply sensational.

We have these tiles out in the kitchen and studio. "Why are you so naughty?" "because I'm happy" - childlike innocence at its best, and "I miss being a small girl"... because we do.

Last Christmas Rhi was given this set of Rob Ryan decorative plates, illustrating the changing seasons. So pretty, still need to find the perfect spot to hang them though!

We're also lucky enough to have a much treasured signed copy of Ryan's first published book "This is for You" at Twee Towers. The inside of the dust cover simply states "If you believe in love but find it difficult to explain - This is for you" - it tells a tale that scopes the aforementioned loneliness and romance in such a charming way.

Nestled on another book shelf is Little M's copy of 'The Gift' written by Carol Ann Duffy featuring more of Rob Ryan's paper cut illustrations... We must get our hands on his latest book 'A Sky Full of Kindness' too - without a doubt it will be as delightful as the others.


If you want to get your hands on some of your own pieces check out his Etsy shop, ooh what we'd do for some Rob Ryan wallpaper!! Or if you're lucky enough to find yourself in or around East London pop into his super lovely shop on Columbia Road! Such lovely art to collect :)

Hope you've enjoyed your weekend lovelies!

Much love
R&L xx


Nico said...

LOVE Rob Ryan. That dress is a dream. We have his greetings cards in frames around the and pink in a chunky black birch frame in the living room, duck egg blue and greens in pastel baroque in the bedroom. So pretty.

Lauren said...

Oooh I really like the illustration from The Gift. I'll have to check out the etsy shop.

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