Tuesday, 24 January 2012

If You Could...

Hey lovers, Lauren here today

If you could do anything tomorrow, what would you do?

That is the lingering question posed by designers Will Hudson and Alex Bec, in an ongoing experimental project to graphically illustrate the enthralling, and occasionally utterly bizarre desires of our contemporary artists. The idea is simple, answer the question by drawing what you would do. I first stumbled across this project whilst doing research for Article, a magazine I wrote for at University. The ability with which it has progressed is astonishing. Encouraging simplistic yet personal creativity, the 'If You Could' project has the aptitude to engage a considerable audience with its exciting blend of light-heartedness with a thought-provoking and stimulating concept.

Inspired, the question remains, how would those without the artistic dexterity of Kandinsky respond to such a matter? A couple of years ago now (ah, time flies), I decided to explore this a little further and put it to a bunch of my friends to send back their responses - I think it was put on out on MySpace, that's how long ago it was!

I then thought it would be cute to represent their answers, as intended, with playful illustrations...
if you could 1
1. I'd dance at the front of a Rolling Stones gig - circa 1973 ish.
2. I'd go to Turkey and find the love of my life
3. I'd fly to New York without a plane
4. I'd rob a bank, with a banana

if you could 2

1. I'd explore a castle in Slovenia
2. I'd be given £10,000,000 and go on a plane
3. I'd pack my bags and see the world
4. I'd dance all day, listen to good music I've never heard before, eat nice food and make love to some beautiful girls!

if you could 3

1. I'd go to the peaks
2. I'd dance...
3. I'd get sexually explicit with 12 beautiful women whilst eating fried chicken from a bucket
4. I'd go to Alton Towers

if you could 4

1. I'd wake up with absolute knowledge and have a coin-operated boy
2. I'd take magic mushrooms and go to the zoo with nice people and nice faces!

It would seem; the bunch of romantic, mushroom munching, thrill-seeking, not to mention cultured, wanderers would swap their material luxuries in a second for an idyllic life, travelling and viewing the world through rose-tinted raybans.

Without wishing to get all Louis Theroux on you (not that there's owt wrong with that, we love Louis!) it does appear to provoke further questions. It's questionable whether everyone feels that they are missing out on the subtleties of life such as exploring an enchanting castle or taking some time out to explore the world in our quest to succeed financially and set up home.

However, obtainable or not, it always fun to imagine what would you would do if there were no limits imposed and set yourself life goals - which for me has transgressed from being a ballerina, a spice girl, and air hostess in the 60s (which I understand, is a goal that might have a been a little hard to obtain in 2006 and more recently, a bohemian, troubled artist. Here, at Twee Towers we're always setting ourselves goals, foremost to keep us organised and secondly, to keep us sane when our workload gets a bit crazy... we WILL dress Jedward one day!

So, what would you do? To have a look at some of the designers' input on the project, take a look here!

Much love,
L xx


elledoubleyouu said...

Love this! Especially the drawings. So cute.

♥ LW

Maria said...

I love this, I always try and make the most of whatever I am doing, you never know what's around that corner!

Maria xxx

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