Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Twee Troubles // Gardening Woes...

Hold the phone, we missed out an important part of the tour... the garden! Sadly, now that Autumn is setting in we think we've missed the boat for pretty garden pictures but we have just stumbled across some snaps of our first 'gardening' experience!

Having both moved away from home previously for uni, we're more than capable of running the home, the garden however was a different story. When we moved into Twee Towers in the springtime, we were delighted to find that we had inherited a well kept garden full of pretty shrubs and flowers and perfectly mowed lawn. Let us tell you something amigos... grass grows...BIGTIME! We shortly realised that leaving it would not result in it growing back down so we set aside a weekend to begin our gardening mission. One small step for mankind..

We started off enthusiastically loaded with the appropriate lingo, "Rhi, we need a scrapey thing", "Yeah Lauren, we need a diggy thing too". This was the point when we encountered our second problem... the blank expression on a shopkeepers face when we asked where the "cutty things" and "giant forks" were.

The biggest success was buying a multi-nozzle hose - jet, mist, ooooh! Our neighbours probably weren't as excited as we were over how long we enjoyed making mist for. Finally we were armed and ready....


Rock n roll mowing... "How do I switch this on?" and "Am I going to die?" being the operative queries. Apparently you just press the button and go.


As we must of missed the gardener issue of vogue, we were unsure how to be appropriately attired for this task... so Lauren opted for expensive leathers & hunter wellies.


...and Rhi, never knowingly underdressed went for skinny jeans & heels. Practicality is our forte clearly.... well, until Rhi fell over & Lauren got tangled in the wire.


Note: Mowing skills.

We'd talk you through how we got on with the weeding process but this was a traumatic experience that we don't wish to relive. All we're saying is there were stingy nettles & ant nests involved. Ouch.

Hope you picked up some tips there sweets! Seriously, someone send over a gardener, please. That one from Desperate Housewives will do...

Much love,
L&R xx


Donna said...

How to make lawnmowing glamourous .. love it x

Zoe said...

Haha!! You girls are hilarious! Diggy and Scrapey are totally valid names for garden tools. I'm personally scared of gardening... too many spiders ;) xo

SDiB said...

Haha, we're terrified of it now! Hope the renegade fair went well Zoe, we sooo wanted to make it down but we had so much to do, wah! xx

robthebuzz said...

I know a man who might be able to help, my Granddad is a wizard with green growing things x

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