Monday, 10 October 2011

He Dressed in Black Launches Tomorrow...

Dandy Inspiration

The time is near darlings, after finally completing the last little details this weekend, we are so so close to launching our first collection of men's attire under the name of 'He Dressed in Black'.

We started out with the intention of making a beautiful vintage inspired girls line to fill the gaps in our wardrobes - special pieces that we couldn't find else where. However, it transpired that the menswear industry had needs greater than ours! With the recent influx of sixties styles on the high street for girls at the moment, it is far easier to recreate an authentic vintage look with the aid of add ons and accessories such as collars and bows. We found that opposite sex weren't as well catered for.

We liked the idea of creating an equivalent to the sixties style collars available for girls, allowing boys to add a flamboyant twist to their outfit, harking back to dandyish flair embraced by the mods and the bold expression by the likes of Oscar Wilde. At the same time, we aimed to create a collection centered around distinctly masculine shapes that are both unique and wearable.




Check back tomorrow for the grand reveal!

Much love,
L&R xx

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