Thursday, 13 October 2011

Autumn Adventures // Into The Wild

It's time to don some wellies and get wrapped up in your finest knits darlings, this week our autumn adventure takes us... glamping!

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, glamping (as you can probably imagine) is camping's more glamourous twin. Take all the essential elements; the great outdoors, campfires & and then simply... glam it up! Nowadays there are so many fun options to choice from... wooden wigwams in striking countryside settings, vintage living in plush airstream caravans or luxurious tee-pees set in beautiful forest hideaways and fully equipped with comfy double beds!

For our first glamping trip, we made it more of a DIY affair opting for just a subtle hint of glam. We set up a tent by a stunning lake & sparkled it up with cosy autumnal attire & cocktails!

I shall admit, we actually took this trip in July but in true British style, the weather was freezing so it felt like October (it's a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world we live in!) and anyway, it's probably the perfect time to mourn the last of our summer holiday's with a fun autumn alternative!

J more than impressed me with his man skills and built a campfire! Realising all we had was a lighter and twigs to work with, we spent an unsucessful hour trying to figure out how to get it going. All it took was a quick look up on the old iPhone (that's the joys of glamping lovelies - you don't have to abandon the luxuries!) and he managed to get a pretty good fire going!
NB: It's all about creating the tee-pee shape!

I was reassured by the boy that I was not in fact relegated to collecting twigs but was in fact participating in an instrumental step in the fire-making "gathering the raw materials". Men and fire...


Nightime posing!

Have fun!

Much love,
L&R xx

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