Thursday, 20 October 2011

Twee Towers Wishlist

Soo, yesterday we showed you some finishing touches and tweaks that we've added to Twee Towers since the tour ended and today we bring you some of our wishlist pieces...mostly for our bedrooms as we haven't quite had time to go back to revisit these yet!

We're also getting a teeny bit excited and have started picking up small pieces to christmas up 'Towers as we approach the holiday season! Eee. Although, we are a little sad that we didn't make it down for the opening of Harrod's Christmas shop... in August, and despite not seeing any deccys in our chosen colour scheme as yet, we are staying positive that we WILL be able to transform our home in to a beautiful winter wonderland...


1. Handblown Glass Pendants - Rockett St George 2. Skeleton Anatomy Print - Urban Outfitters 3. Aqua Skull Money Box - Urban Outfitters 4. Antique style French Sofa - Oficina Inglesa 5. Vertical Record Player - Amazon.


1. Hazel Stark Cushion - Howkapow 2. Geometric Poster - Howkapow 3. Orla Kiely Radio - John Lewis 4. Wizard of Oz print - Etsy 5. Eames Replica Rocker - Ebay

lolawishjpg copy

1. Atlas throw - Urban Outfitters 2. Ruler Lamp Shade - Rockett St George 3. Book Shelf Wallpaper - Rockett St George 4. Yellow table - Rockett St George 5. Doily rug - Urban Outfitters

Hope you're all having a nice week - if you ever spot something you think we'd like give us a shout :)

Much love,

R&L xx

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