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After Dinner Dance Party // Yum Yum Special

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We had so much fun last Saturday dancing the night away at Yum Yum and we wanted to share the great tracks that got us grooving get you all to join in with your best moves - so we bring you this AMAZING After Dinner Dance Party guest post, courtesy of Yum Yum organiser and DJ - Rob. Enjoy!


Well Hello (you have to do that in a Terry Thomas type voice for it to work properly), my name is Rob Glover and I am promoter and DJ for one of the UK’s new breed 60’s R&B/Soul nights which is called Yum Yum. Rhianna and Lauren made it over for our October event and have asked for me, to bring to you, a flavour of the night in a micro-Yum Yum After Dinner Dance Party type thing.

Yum Yum has been running for the last 3-4 years at various venues, but we really found our home at Northampton’s Picturedrome: huge cinema screen, big (but wobbly) PA and a real wooden dance-floor (mind the talc!). We cover a huge spectrum of underground 60’s dance music from Latin Boogaloo to Mod Jazz and Hammond Groove to rare 60’s soul and ska. Apparently I can only let you have 5 tunes to reflect the night; so I have dug deep in to my vintage vinyl record boxes and tried to cover most (if not all) of the genres we cater for.

Anyhow if you haven’t checked Yum Yum out yet here is a delicious sample of what we have ready for you on that dance-floor! And please do mind the talc!

Mercy Mercy Baby – Ray Baretto (Fania) Latin Boogaloo 1969

Released on Fania records in 1969 this a pure slice of New York Boogaloo straight out of the barrios of Spanish Harlem. Ray has provided a quintessential Latin soul style since the late 1950’s and this stunning little tune have been cutting up the dance-floors since it’s first release. Check out the Album “Acid” and his other dance-floor friendly tunes like “Soul Drummers”.

The Wild Bunch – Music Doctors (J-Dan) Reggae/Ska 1970

This is a bit of an unusual one and although not to everybody’s taste but it always gets the dance-floor stomping. Released in 1970 on the mysterious J-Dan label by Dandy Livingstone and a massive skinhead tune of the early 70’s. From the first few bars you can tell the riff was stolen wholemeal from the Jackson 5’s “I want you back”.

I Don’t Want No Mama’s Boy – Erma Franklin (Epic) R&B

Yes Aretha’s little sister really could holler just as well as big sis. I’ve loved this tune for about 10 years and that’s about how long it took me to get hold of a copy on vinyl.
It’s a cheeky little number and you can just tell Erma wants no sissy-boy from the block, just the sort of tune you can shimmy the night away too. And I do, oh yes!

Big Bird – Rosetta Hightower (Toast) Soul 1968

Former lead singer of The Orlons out of Philadelphia, this is a stunning take on the Eddie Floyd Stax classic. I found it on British Toast about 15 years ago for 30p in a little record shop in Wellingborough, since then it’s gone mental over the last couple of years and the price has skyrocketed. Makes me feel glad all over ;0)

Ok last one from me and then it’s back to a cold dark dirty dance-floor (I told you to mind the talc!).

Ride Your Pony – Betty Harris (Sansu) 1969

Ok I don’t believe in playing slow Enders to my set and of course this little beauty has been shaking up the Yum Yum dance-floor for the past few months. Betty Harris born in Florida in 1939 recorded most of her truly great stuff in New Orleans (the home of the blues, baby yeah!). This was originally recorded by Lee Dorseys in 1966 but to be honest I prefer Betty’s take under the guidance of Allen Toussaint (of course).

Well that’s it I suppose. Time to pack up the record box, make sure I tidy my bottles of the stage and wind my way home. If you have enjoyed this very tiny little snippet of tunes from Yum Yum please come along an sample the real thing. Please feel free to bring talc, as the dance-floor is perfect for those flips, splits and spins!

Until next time...


Hope you enjoyed that as much as we did! Absolutely fantastic tracks to dance to!

Please do befriend Yum Yum on Facebook to stay up to date with upcoming events.

Much love,
R&L xx


robthebuzz said...

Once again girls thank you so much for letting me host the After "Dinner Dance Party". I hope Little M and The Boss enjoy the groove.
Catch you later xx

SDiB said...

Anytime Rob - thank you so much for putting it together for us! Much appreciated! We love it and I'm sure Little M & Bruce a post-dinner bop this eve! L xx

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