Friday, 14 October 2011

Literature Love // Clothbound Beauts

Literature LUST this week folks. You know that feeling when something catches your eye and it sparks an emotion so powerful, so inherent, butterflies dance around your stomach, you can't stop staring and you realise that it must be what they call 'love at first sight'? That's kinda how we felt when we stumbled across these beauts...


Taking popular titles from the literary canon, Penguin launched this stunning Clothbound Classic collection, with individually designed covers by Coralie Bickford-Smith. The most finely dressed books around!


Coralie creates one dynamic illustration tessellated beautifully and inspired by the themes from the stories or the period, or the atmosphere of the novels. I think our favourite has to be the Oliver Twist pocket watch design or the pretty Middlemarch cover above!

Oh my, how much do we want the art deco style foil plated F. Scott Fitzgerald collection! These would look sooooo nice in our cabinet! Christmas list pleases!

Much love,

L&R xx


Carla said...

I saw the FSF ones in Foyles earlier this year and have been in mourning ever since. Shoulda bought 'em!

SDiB said...

Yes you should have. Who needs expensive art, we got pretty books...

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

It's not even that I adore the books, but the cloth bounding.. oh.<3

I was recently at a market in Nashville (TN) and found a chest of cloth-bound Nancy Drew books. I died.

Anonymous said...

These books are so, oh my god. I've started my Christmas List obscenely early as a result of this post! xx

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