Friday, 21 October 2011

Bruce's Ponderings // Treats & Trances

Hello darlings,

Bruce here again. It's been sometime I know, Lauren & Rhianna seem to forget my linguistic superiority, instead opting for their own mindless rambles day in day out. Pah.

Anyway, no time for chit chat, I have some more serious woes to disclose. Firstly, my commerade James abandoned the Twee Towers ship for pastures new. As my current primate of choice (best hair, best hugs) his absence vexes me greatly. Oh, I just cannot bare the distance...They tell me he is to return this week but I'm not too sure, sometimes they talk more nonsense than Lewis Caroll.

Last Friday they attempted to placate me with a bag full of treats. They engraciated me with a swanky new damask dish, with my title "The Boss" emblazoned on the front. I was happy for a bit, I suppose.

Next came the organic Chicken bites - a delicious but temporary distraction, a fleeting moment of joy amidst my contempt.

Finally, out of the bag came a giant hessian fish... what the flip is that about? I saw something on the label about it containing 'cat nip', I'm not quite sure what that means so I sniffed around it for a bit and then left. My head felt a little fuzzy around that point, an overwhelming sense of calm washed over me.

Next thing I knew, I was being woken up from a entranced slumber. I ashamed to admit, they found me in Little M's ball pool, inside of a bag for life, fiddlesticks! No idea how that happened, and although my memory of events is foggy, I know for certain that I am staying away from that god damn fish...

Till next time feline lovers,

Bruce the Cat (and The Boss)

On behalf of,
L&R xx

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elledoubleyouu said...

Haha love this. Write more often, Bruce! ;)

♥ LW

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