Friday, 28 October 2011

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In a dark dark town, in a dark, dark street, Twee Towers lurked gloomily under the evil glare of a full moon. Inside, two witches donned their pointy hats, wiped the dust off the vast gothic volume nestled among the potion bottles and spiders to share with you an eerie tale... oooo!

As the second best thing about Halloween is scaring yourself silly watching creepy movies & immersing yourself in terrifying tales of hauntings and spirits (the first being getting dressed up) we thought we'd the combine the two for our very first video blog! Eek.

A sorcerer of spinning suspenseful & frightening stories of tormented souls and the unsettled deceased, it would only be fitting for our trick or twee week to share with you this poem, written in 1827 by Edgar Allan Poe. First titled 'Visits of the Dead', Poe's 'Spirits of the Dead' follows a chilling dialogue between a dead speaker and a visitor to his grave.

So let us introduce, 'Spirits of the Dead' read by Lola & Rhi...


Poe's original manuscript!

We hope you enjoy the slightly horror show twist to our literature love this week lovelies! More tricks and twee to come!

Much love,

L&R xx

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stina said...

i loved your little video! i haven't read much poe and realize now i need to put it on top of my to do list.

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