Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Twee towers Tour // Twee Touches

Twee Towers Tour

This past week at Twee Towers we've been sprucing the house up and giving the place a fresh lease of life for the new season... We thought we'd share some of the little touches we've added, and some you may have not spotted when we did our Twee Towers Tours before...

Little M & The Boss got some treats lately - A lovely Hot Air Balloon plaque for the Playroom door from Purple Panda Crafts for Little M. Brucey's bowl could not be more fitting for one that rules the roost such as he, regally and emblazened with his nickname, 'The Boss'

A lovely picnic blanket used as a rug ties all the colours in the studio together and brings a bit of cosyness by covering the stone tiles.

Some things new - somethings missed! We've put a 'I only loved you for your Record Player' print in the living room from our Ex Boyfriend series in the Living Room and a Sundae glass of buttons that we'll be using for the collection is a pretty feature on the unit in the studio. We missed showing you our scrapbook style framed instagrammed pictures - great way of displaying your favourite instagrammed photos! And no idea how we managed to forget showing off this Beatles Music Box, a beautiful gift from Lola to Little M on his Christening day. Best Godmama!

We've set out a sewing corner in the studio now so we're always ready to go in the evenings and make pieces for the collection (and the many vintage alterations we've been putting off for ages!)

Finally - we love the new curtains in the living room, they've added so much warmth to the room, it was lovely having that space open and fresh during the summer months but it feels so much toastier in the evenings with the windows looking all dressed and lovely. We've started to add touches of pinks and adding to the vintage florals with cushions on the sofa, breaking up the cool blues and greys.

The war of the Worlds record has been sitting proudly as a feature in the fireplace ever since our Space Edition of the After Dinner Dance Party reminded us how much we love Jeff Wayne's musical masterpiece!

Hope you like our little Twee Touches :) There are more sweet little Autumn/Fall things to show off - as well as a super exciting Halloween feature week next week - oooh exciting, we love this time of year!

Don't forget to check out our wishlists of more things we want for Twee Towers tomorrow!

Much love,

R&L xx

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