Monday, 3 October 2011

After Dinner Dance Party // The London Edition

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Well Lola twisted my arm and asked me to share some hits from some of my London faves...

Though temptation was overwhelming with the power in my hands this week to post a succession of McFly videos (well there's no point hiding my undying love for the pop-foursome since Lola outted me last week!) - I have picked a selection that I'll hope you'll love as much as I do as they bring back such happy memories of my London days...

Having been a fan from his early days, I don't share the opinion with some diehard fans who weren't all that impressed with Patrick Wolf's more commercial offering, 2007 album 'The Magic Position' - it has never failed to brighten up a dark day, you could often find me weaving through the streets of Whitechapel (because I lived there, not because I was a Jack the Ripper obsessive) with Wolf's weird and wonderfully melancholy beats blaring in my headphones. I was lucky enough to see him live with his good friend Bishi a few times while I was working for her as well as his own solo shows, an incredible performer.

Dev aka Lightspeed Champion was on my radar from my pre-London days, when he was in Test Icicles... I saw him perform the beautiful Galaxy Lost in the legendary 100 Club, it still gives me goosebumps listening to it now.

The sentiment of this song has always rang so true with me. I always felt that London was where I belonged, before I moved there I'd always feel so sad on the train home from a visit, and once I was down in the city I never wanted to leave. Sadly that feeling eventually went away, so I'm more than happy to be home now. But whenever I hear this song I remember that rush of love for The Big Smoke and how I wanted to stay there forever. Especially poignant that I got to see Jack performing this live at the Astoria just a few days after I'd moved down.

Last but not least, I couldn't not feature The Horrors... I forged many wonderful lifelong friendships from being a loyal follower of these boys. Right back to the very first gig I caught while attending a fashion summer school course at Central Saint Martins - their electrifying 100 Club show just before they burst onto the scene with their shocking Sheena is a Parasite video, right through to my days living in London, where my housemates often thought my gig going friends and I looked like we were attending 'very stylish funerals'...

Sigh, I miss it all so very much - we're well overdue a trip to The City. Hopefully we'll be able to share some new adventures from London very soon :)

Much love
R&L xx

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