Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sponsor She Dressed in Black...

Hello Sugar-Plums,

Hope you're all very well today. Been a funny old week - after Rhi & Little M being under the weather last week, Lola's gone and got poorly too! Get well soon Lola!

Anyways, we've been thinking... It's probably about time we asked if anyone would like to share the love and join us up on the sidebar over there... We've had a few people enquire already and expressing interest in sponsoring us... It's been on the plan for a while - but we feel its the right time now to bring others on board the Good-Ship Twee for the month of December.

The deal:

You provide us with 180x150 of your finest pixels (or give us an image/logo and we'll fiddle till it fits) and we'll pop you up. We're offering the super duper introductory bargain price of just £5 and as its our first time we'll also give you sponsor space in January completely free - because we're nice like that :)
Not obligatory, but it would be super nice if you could offer our readers a little treat too - we all like treats :) something for us to giveaway would be a dream, but a little discount or even a guest post if you're a fellow blogger would be perfect too... In return we'll regularly rotate our sponsors so everyone gets a fair shot near the top, and we'll give you a very nice write up in true Rhi & Lola style to encourage our lovely readers to check you out...

December is going to be JAM PACKED with really lovely and exciting stuff. We've got so much planned in our countdown to Christmas - wicked DIYs for gifts and decorations, Little M's 'Super' 2nd Birthday Party, an exclusive giveaway from a wonderful jewellery brand and a whole host of other wonderful things that is set to draw in the crowds. All we need is you :)

Words of wisdom from Little M

So if you're interested then just give us a shout at info[@] to discuss a little more :)

Looking forward to the coming months with She Dressed in Black. We can't quite believe how amazing the past few months been and we are so excited about the future of the blog and our label... Can't wait to have you on board too!

Much love.

R&L xx

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Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

If I had a shop, I would sponsor you gems in a heartbeat.

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