Thursday, 17 November 2011

It's mid Movember!


Image: Moustache Blog

It's mid Movember mo-sisters and mo-bros so we'd like to just take a little time to show some support for all our boys who are currently amid their quest, bravely conquering the battle against the razor for a month of moustache domination. Let us celebrate the gallantry, fortitude and valor shown by these fellows as they embark on this whiskery journey.

Photo 5
One cannot begin to imagine the styling choices that must be made at this time; shall it be the handlebar, the pencil tooth, the chevron (thick, wide & usually covering the upper lip FYI), the walrus, the Dali, the Mexican, Imperial or the English (narrow, beginning at the upper lip, long whiskers that are pulled to the side and slightly curled), the list is endless... as you'll see in the pic above, we opted for the standard comedy French moustache. Stylin'.

With the aim of raising funds and awareness for men's health, specifically focusing on prostate cancer and other cancers affecting men, Movember is a brilliant cause and one we support whole-heartedly. There's loads of wonderful mo-events happening round the UK too, Merc have been celebrating fine moustachery by offering facial styling in their Carnaby Street store! So get involved and look out for mo-events near you! We think our guys are doing a marvelous job :)

To honour this momentous month of Movember (suckers for alliteration), for every Moustache Ex-Boyfriend print that we sell this month, we will donate half of the money to Movember! You can find it on our Etsy shop here.

Additionally, if you'd like to donate but don't have any local teams to support (teams get prizes for the most money raised) we would be most grateful if you could support one of our lot... take a look here. Word of the street is that they're starting the styling of the handlebar this week ;) Thanks sweets :)


Much love,

L&R xx


L!$@ said...

I love Movember :D

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

I've seen so many mustaches on campus lately. ;)

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