Friday, 25 November 2011

Literature Love // Stuck on Oliver Jeffers...

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We thought we'd take some inspiration from Little M's bookshelf and share the gorgeous whimsical children's of Oliver Jeffers. Beyond charming, his tales of friendship and self discovery warm the very depths of your heart, and can honestly make you both laugh and cry.

Our absolute favourite is Stuck, stictly speaking it's not on Little M's bookshelf yet as it is to be a birthday gift, but that hasn't stopped us leafing through it several times already... It's a giggle on every page, such funny twists and unexpected little turns - honestly worth owning even without a Little One around, the illustrations (as in all of Jeffers' books) are stunning! A future classic for sure. Can't wait to read it to Little M! :)

The Way Back Home

How to catch a star

Imagine our delight when we discovered that some of the little gems from his books, the adorable characters and objects have been transformed into stunning jewellery by Digby & Iona... Eek! Too lovely!

bigbottlenecklace3bigpenguinring1 bigpenguinnecklace1bigbooknecklace1

Find the jewels here

Hope you've got a nice weekend planned sweets :)

Much love,
R&L xx

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