Thursday, 24 November 2011

Twee Troubles // Lola's sewing woes...

Twee troubles_sew

Dearest comrades,

We're afraid that we have yet more woes to disclose. After an epic evening of organising and assessing priorities, we decided that leading up to the end of the year we wanted to devote more time to creating prints and completing orders in time for Christmas. With an influx of interesting projects lined up in conjunction with some of our favourite blogs we also wanted to dedicate time to a month of spectacular blog posts on She Dressed in Black. Therefore, darlings sacrifices must be made.

Our proposed Autumn/Winter collection is being re-designed and will launch in Spring 2012. This gives us more time to really refine the direction that we'd like to go in, as our first official girls collection it's really important to us to get this absolutely perfect! We'd be cheating ourselves and you if we rushed it. This will also give us a lot more scope to give a full insight into the process of designing and creating and we'd love to give you the opportunity to feedback and input along the way! Let us know if you have anything lined up yourselves, it would be great to collaborate and share tips!

This brings us on to dilemma number two... Lola needs to learn to sew. Give her a basic cushion pattern or a simple design that doesn't require an exceptionally precise hand and she's all good... but we shall be honest, the delicacy and refinement that will be required for pretty garments with exceptional detailing, she is just not up to scratch. So, as an aside project for the next few weeks Rhi shall be imparting knowledge and Lola will be indulging in a few practise mini projects... which will hopefully result in a few beautiful items for Twee Towers and our wardrobes! Check back to see how that goes... if the sewing machine ends up thrown out the window, we probably won't mention it... ever again.


Much love,
L&R xx

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Julie said...

You two are so cute! I'm sure she'll learn sewing fast. :)

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