Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bruce's Ponderings // The Lone Wanderer...


Good day to you all Twee Followers,

You may be curious as to why you've not have heard from me for a while, I've been off wandering you see, getting out there - in my very first post I expressed my desire to travel and I was at last getting a taste of it... I made my way, one wintery eve not so long ago, down what was is now a well travelled path by this feline explorer, down the drive of Twee Towers, diving across the street, wandering along the path of a traffic heavy road, avoiding other pilgrims beating down this path. I sprinted, with care, over the busy roundabout and sauntered up to an old haunt... The Dolls House.

I used to live here you see, just me, Rhi and Little M, before we moved into Twee Towers with Lola, it was a quaintly compact 2-up, 2-down abode, nothing like my practically palacial quarters now, but there was something about the warm familiarity that kept drawing me back. I'd dropped in a few times during these past few months, slipping in through the window and playing with the nice Lady and Young girl who live there now, I also got extra meals, bonus for a gluttonous cat such as myself...!

Last week I decided it was high time I took a vacation, I love the Girls and Little M, don't get my wrong, but sometimes a man just needs a break to recharge his whiskers. Travelling light, with nothing but my crown encrusted collar - I bid adue to Twee Towers and settled myself in at my holiday home at the Dolls House, however after a few days of being pampered by a small child (who prefered to stroke me rather than using my tail as a telephone, I'm looking at you Little M) I heard a knock at the door...

There Rhi stood, basket in hand, a look of worry on her face. I heard an exchange of "Thank god he's been hear the whole time! We were about to put up posters!"

Inspired by Missing Missy - David Thorne

Alas, I remembered, I hadn't left a note! My poor girls and Little M have apparently been beside themselves without me! So now I'm back, just like I never left, I'm trying to be extra playful to earn their forgiveness, but I think I may be started to test their nerves, they seemingly don't like having cups of tea thrown from their laps as I pounce in for a snuggle... Sigh, I'd best return to my nonchelant stance and offer them just the occassional moment of my affections...

Good to be back Twee Dears, good to be back.

Bruce - The Boss & cat in residence, Twee Towers.

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