Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Trick or Twee // A Fairytale Nightmare

We had loads of fun on Saturday night dressing up and partying with friends for Halloween. We debated several themes during one of our Monday wine nights and concluded that we'd look best as a band of fairytale misfits! So here is our Fairytale Nightmare... and a bit of back story on our characters for the eve!


Rhi as Red Riding Hood, Lola as Bo Peep, Ellie as Malice in Wonderland, Carla as Snow White, Chris as The Madhatter & James as Sweeney Todd.


Here is Red Riding Hood, sick of waiting for the hunter to arrive and fight off the blasted wolf, Red Riding decides to take matters in to her own hands... with the aid of a machete. She fashions the wolf into a stylish wrap.


Little Bo Peep had lost her sheep and didn't know where to find them... so when Doris the littlest sheep arrived home days later, Bo Peep decided to make an example of her and speared her with her crook.


One of the earliest urban legends, Sweeney Todd the demon barber of Fleet Street, swapped styling for slashing.


Wrapped up the nonsensical world of wonderland and fed up of hosting never-ending tea parties, our Mad Hatter rebels, quits and finds himself addicted to anything that makes him forget the tumultuous world he escaped from...


Malice in Wonderland... What a sweet girl Alice was, unfortunately on her way out of the rabbit hole she was bitten by a hallucinogenically poisonous spider and went a little bit mad!


When Snow White uncovered her wicked step-mother's plan to poison her with an apple, she decided to bite the hand that feeds her... literally. Discovering cannibalism was a good way for Snowy to deal with her family issues.

Check back tomorrow for a few more snaps...

Much love,

L&R xx

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I love this! Happy Halloweenny!

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