Saturday, 12 November 2011

Rhi's Birthday // Spa & Dancing

After our rather fabulous morning on Thursday eating breakfast in bed, we headed over to a local salon for the ultimate birthday indulgence - massages and manicures. Pampering bliss! Lola had a wonderful neck, back and shoulder massage while Rhi opted for a 'Hot Stone' treatment for something a bit different - the massages left us super destressed and relaxed as we sat at the nailbar and chatted while getting a manicure.

Spy on the unit behind Lola the awesome Dali esque 'melting clocks' in the salon, so cool!

Rhi picked a glossy black polish...

While Lola chose a fresh minty green - pretty!

Such an amazing treat, we've decided we shall most definitely schedule a once monthly trip for a bit of girly time and to get pampered! :)

In the afternoon we managed to squeeze in a lovely lunch (thanks Lola!) and picked up some Christmas decs (eee!) before heading home and getting ready to grab some drinks and do some dancing with Twee Towers regulars Carla and Chris, Rhi's sister Ellie (who you may have spotted in our Halloween pictures, she's yet to have a formal introduction!) and cousin Bonnie... As usual we had too much fun and forgot to take any pictures! Doh! (It's just so hard to remember when you're busy pulling shapes!)

More celebrations soon...

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend,

Much love,



MJ said...

The melty clock is awesome! I want one!

rosieposie said...

oh i looove spa days! :-)

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