Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Dear Santa... The Twee Towers Deluxe List...

Dear Santa,

If we could have ANYTHING, Anything in the whole wide world; we'd want these things please...

A classic vintage car (in mint green!)
A Mulberry Bayswater Satchel in Pheasant Green (or any
Mulberry please)

A spree in Miu Miu would be very nice, and Marc Jacobs, and Stella McCartney...

A dreamy house in a tree... Magic!

and a belated invite to Hogwarts (we won't mind being 'mature students' - we'd look ace in the uniforms!) - if that's a stretch we suppose we'd be happy with a Studio Tour or a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter...

A trip to complete the Still Water Tour 73 Trail and see America would be divine - ending, of course, with an escape to Morocco.

A stunning vintage French Sofa, all our favourite Interior Styling features delights such as these. This blue one would look SO good in the Twee Living Room!

A fully operational TARDIS. To travel through time and space... We'd hit the 60s first, Cavern Club Beatles gigs! Then maybe saunter off to the 1800s and get a little wild with Wilde... Aaah the possibilities! (we probably wouldn't complain if you threw our very own Matt Smith in with the TARDIS too Santa!)

If we can't have a dimension hopping Police Box to travel in (hmph!) we'd settle for some adorable bikes!

whispers* and a plane that will fly to the moon?

Oooh and we could do with some new art. An original 'Blue Period' Picasso would look fabulous above the fireplace.

& if, Santa Baby, we've not completely spent all our Christmas allowance could you send some radioactive spiders our way? Super Powers would be... well, super!

Much Love
R&L xx


N* said...

Smiled with absolutely every wish of yours :) Love your blog, girls, and love your designs... I would love to order a print with James's Sometimes song on it. Is that possible? Do you send orders to Spain? Thank you very much and keep on the good job!

SDiB said...

Thanks so much for the sweet comment. We can send orders to Spain. Would it be possible to just drop us an email at info[at]shedressedinblack.co.uk so that we can discuss your specifications and see what we can do for you? :)

L&R xx

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