Thursday, 9 February 2012

Upcycled Reflections

Last time we gave you a tour of the Twee Towers hallway, we had inherently settled upon a predominately green colour scheme! After manically, decorating the whole house in under a month when we first moved in (we were just so excited, we pretty much worked flat out!), we've since found ourselves lusting for more home DIY projects to rejuvinate the areas that were left a little bare. One of the things that was calling out for a makeover was the mirror in the hallway. A lovely simple shape but the plain beech coloured wood just blended into to the ombre coloured walls so we decided it needed a bright pop of colour!

As we already have this beaut Orla Kiely print hanging on the stairs, we thought it'd be cute to use the same colour scheme to create a shabby, swatchy style print around the frame to give the mirror a new lease of life.

To do this yourself all you'll need is:
  • Acryllic paint (the thickness of the acryllic holds really well on top of varnished wood)
  • A frame to paint!
So simple!

Firstly, mask off the edges of the mirror to avoid spills! Next, after mixing your colours, start painting swatches around the frame. We tried to match the order of our colours to the order of the Orla Kiely print.

The first coat - don't worry about being too accurate with the sizing of your stripes, we thought it'd be cute to mix it up a bit. You may need to do a couple of coats of any paler colours to completely cover the wood.

Once your finished, leave to dry and then peel of the masking tape. That's really all it takes.

A perfect burst of brightness we think!

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, we'll soon be sharing more of our Sewing School projects as we start making our first collection of dresses, eeee... with the fabrics purchased, patterns planned and skills polished, we are just about ready to roll!

Much love,
L&R xx


Anonymous said...

So pretty girls! i'm adding this to my list of favourite posts from the month :) xo

ShyScout said...

Love the colors! It looks great. Can't wait to see your sewing projects :]

lazy explorers said...

Awh! It looks so cute! I really love that print too, I'm about to go look up that artist.

The Craft-Arty Kid said...

A definite improvement! Love all the colours

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