Friday, 17 February 2012

Reels of Cotton & a bundle of nerves...

Ahh, does anyone else find it so daunting to make a definitive start on projects that you have been dreaming up for so long? It's time to finally make a start on our first girly Spring/Summer collection of attire and we've got to admit, we're starting to bite our nails a little bit.

The ideas come thick and of our first nights living in Twee Towers we stayed up to the early hours bouncing around ideas and we've been working on them ever since. We set ourselves an objective to start the project this month, and we've certaintly organised, prepped and re-organised enough to allow us to start but when it comes to the actual cutting and sewing of fabric, the deadline has been pushed back... until the first lot of fabric arrives... until the second lot of fabric arrives... "wait, we can't start yet... we don't have zips!"

We've launched ourselves head first into everything else, our sewing school projects (making the cutest DIY fancypants & our take on patchwork chevron cushions), the blog itself materialised after a couple of hard-working weeks planning (and the help of our fab designer Zoe!) but with our dress collection, we've been so much more precious with it! So, tomorrow is THE DAY! The day that fabric meets scissors and catches up with our old friend the sewing machine. If you see either of us procastinating on twitter, watching this on repeat, debating the difference between arial and helvetica or anything else we might try and do instead, please feel free to shout! And hopefully, we'll have something pretty to share with you soon :)

vintage wooden cotton reels
1940s-50s Women students - dress making
Vintage Button Inchies
Sewing machine + bokeh, HBW!
Green machine, turquoise fabric, HBW!
Nom, we want pistachio green sewing machines!


Sooooo that we've got absolutely no more excuses not to crack on with getting the collection made, we have the most wonderful collection of guest posts lined up for you in the coming week . Kicking off this week, our lovely friend Chris will be sharing a hilarious insight into a musical challenge he was set, whilst James will be contributing some really useful tips for charity & vintage shopping! As well as all that, we'll also have some super fab guest posts from a host of our favouritist bloggers and friends! We treat you well here at Twee Towers ;)

So please excuse us whilst we hibernate in our beautiful little studio for the week and we'll be right back with our usual features and some exciting sewing school projects for you to try to!

Anyway, it's the weekend, go and enjoy yourself kitty cats!

Much love,
L&R xx

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Becky said...

You used to be able to buy pistachio green sewing machines at John Lewis. I bought a pale pink one. It's nothing fancy but gets the job done.


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