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Guest Post // James' Vintage Tips - Part 1: Charity Shops



Vintage clothing and paraphernalia has been a love of many people over the years, though in recent years the adoration for it is not only cross generation but cross gender too!
This overwhelming demand for old goods has made now made it widely available within chain-stores, hence raising the price of what is merely second hand goods.

Generally there is more vintage clothing available to women, whereby hoards of attire usually inundates the modest male selection in shops. Let this not deter the males searching for exquisite clobber, there are a few good tips i'm going to share...

Charity Shops:
An obvious one, but if you don the metaphorical monocle while meandering around you may find something of high caliber. Patience is of importance, you cant expect to find something good every time but if you persist you often do. Also, try to ignore any clothing labeling ie: Men/Women, although you may feel a little odd looking through the female racks, you always have an excuse... 'Im looking for a top for my mum, honest!' or something along those lines.

I have realized recently that clothing in a many cases is unisex, high street fashion stores that retail vintage have a labeling system, though I've seen many jackets in males sections what were obviously women's.

So, ignore the system, just go with your instinct, watch out for stitching round the breast area, thats usually a good sign. Even if you buy fashion faux pas, at least it only cost you a couple of pound, or less!

Hints and tips to getting your vintage collection of odds and sods:
1. Strike up a friendship with a worker whom you see regularly (don't get pally with the guy/girl who is on work experience who isn't a permanent member of staff)
2. Once you are on first name terms try to drop a hint of what kind of clothing/item you are generally after.
3. Give them a form of contact, email, phone or telegram (depending on how old fashioned you are)
4. Voila, If something comes in, you will be notified! Hopefully even before they put it/them out on the shop floor!

I've got a good couple of friends who work in one of the charity shops on town, and they are always on the lookout for me, kindly enough. Here are some of my finds from local charity shops...

A burgundy blazer & candy striped short sleeved button down shirt in an unusual colour combination of yellow, orange and baby blue, destined for the beach! Both purchased for under £6.00!

Nautical, fish eye mirror with a brass frame - a wonderful, vintage find at only £4.00!

Vintage peacock coloured 60s coat, dashing with curved lapels and gold buttons (which I might get round to changing for dark blue, velvet buttons!) Bought for £7.00.

A beautiful, almost indian paisley with intricate detailing and unusual colour combinations - well worth taking the time to search out!

Thanks to the girls at She Dressed in Black for letting me share part 1 of my vintage tips, keep a look out for part deux where i'll be sharing another useful insight into expanding your vintage collection on a shoe string.

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Becky said...

This is a great post! I've found some great finds in charity shops too and it really does pay to be patient.


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