Monday, 13 February 2012

After Dinner Dance Party // Cheated Hearts

Afterdinner copy

What could be more fitting for Valentines week Vinyl Revival than this lovely special edition Heart Shaped Yeah Yeah Yeahs record. Truly sweet even though, unfortunately, it doesn't spin all too well, it's still a special piece in our record collection. Perhaps a slightly anti V-Day song choice, despite the record being aesthetically perfect for the theme... Check out our Facebook page for a more romantic Yeah Yeah Yeahs selection ♥

Love this video of fan performances. Karen O - a goddess as always.

Spreading more love tomorrow!

Much love
R&L xx


Kirsten said...

Oh wow what an awesome record! I can see why it wouldn't spin too well though, haha. I would still be happy to receive it for Valentines Day though. :)

Carla said...

Cheated Hearts is one of my favourites EVER.

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