Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lauren Likes // Wartime Love Letters

Hey darlings,

My turn again to shed a little more insight into my 'likes' and as valentines day is almost upon us, this week I'm sharing my penchant towards old-fashioned romance and Wartime Love Letters!

I've been interested in War Literature since school, delving into endless accounts of the horrors of WW1, which were often so heart-breaking but at the same time, incredibly fascinating. Frequently, the narratives confess the camaraderie that existed between the men on the front line but rarely, do you find out about the relationships that underpin that era, those between the men and their beaus.

Before the age of texts and emails, beautifully hand-written letters were the only way to express feelings to loved ones far away and now through online archives, it's possible to read through these personal and ever so lovely exhanges! Yay!

I love the idea that these letters may well have become airlooms, passed down through families, revealing the secrets of an individual's ancestry and how it all started out during such troubling times.

My absolute, favourite has to be the letters between Idris & Winifred, contributed on the BBC's WW2 archive. Sent to his sweetheart at the dawn of the Second World War, Idris uses the most heart-warming words & beautiful musical metaphors to describe his love for Winifred.

Letter source: BBC WW2 Archive - take a look to read all of Idris' letters!

My gosh, I don't even think of myself as an overly romantic person, just a sucker for some well-written words, but gah, just completely lovely! The line, "Our lives are ours to shape as we will" is the sweetest ever. It really struck a chord, it's such a simplistic meesage but an inspirational sentiment to live by.

I can't help but wonder how it all turned out for them both!


I hope you all enjoyed reading :)

Much love,
L xx


Megan Jane said...

Such a lovely idea for a post - and a beautifully written letter! I was lucky enough to meet a man called Ray Ellis who was a hussar in World War II. He has an incredible love story to tell - I was in tears! His life should be made into a film, such a wonderful man xo

Hanushka said...

beautiful post. absolutely wonderful x

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