Friday, 24 February 2012

Meet our Sponsors...

Hello Sweets,

We thought that it was high-time we introduce to you to some of our favourite people in the blogosphere... Introducing our darling sponsors and why we love them :)


Her Name is Greta... Stina is our favourite Swedish Sweetheart. Her blog is simply darling, with lots of cute little DIYs, some insanely yummy looking recipes (seriously, these cookies look too delicious, willing lent to pass quickly so we can test this out!!) and lots of adorable pictures of her cute kitties MjauMjau & Semla. Love ♥


Laughing with Broken Eyes. Amber is such a doll, hope you caught her guest post this week?, do not miss her wonderful outfit posts, girly rocks vintage looks so, so well. We love her daily poetic musings about life, confidence, happiness, such an inspiration! She can sing too, is about to start writing a book and juggles another blog in with her college studies, is there nothing this busy honey bee can't do?!


Pretty Much Penniless, we love, love, love Ellie's style, she works vintage and highstreet combo's so, so well you'd think everything had been designed and made especially for her. We first spotted this gorgeous girly in Company magazine, which practically makes her famous in our eyes for sure! We're oh so excited to carry on reading about how her wedding plans develop and seeing more of her fab DIYs, while learning plenty of money saving and shopping tips to boot!


Wake Up Lovely. Kate was one of our very first bloggy friends, we were so pleased to be taken under the wing by such a lovely blogger! Her posts are soo uplifting and creative, we' ve loved her goal setting this year, and her lovely encouraging posts about
embracing your hobbies and her positive designs. Just the place you need to visit when you're in need of a little boost :)


Amy Flying a Kite, another beautiful girly with incredible style and a lovely poetic writing style. Amy's outfit posts are beyond dreamy, fabulously folky looks that she makes look simply effortless and timeless, such a wonderful innate style.

Thank you so much for joining us girls. xxx

Hope you've enjoyed getting to know a little more about the dolls up on our sponsor bar on the right there. If you'd like to join them please check our Sponsor page for more details.

Much love,
R&L xx


Anonymous said...

Awwwh thanks girls, you dolls! :) xo

Megan Jane said...

Lovely post! Off to visit some of these blogs now! xo

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...


Becky said...

Great post! Thanks for introducing me to some amazing new bloggers!


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