Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Literal Lyrics: A sneak preview!

Surfin USA.jpg

Happy Leap Year everyone! Hope you're all making the most of the extra day! We're bringing monday wine night back (and re-branding it Wednesday wine night) with one of our favourite girlies Carla this eve, definitely looking forward to a catch up and a tipple, has been too long since we've all been together!

We're also currently in the process of re-jigging the prints that we have available on our Etsy shop (it's been a slightly abandoned recently - our 'I like You' prints are still available!) and thought it was high time that we added some new prints to the mix. We both been desperate to do some linear illustrations as all of the other pieces that we've put out have been digitally produced and we've got loads of ideas for a collection of slightly silly 'Literal Lyrics'. Lola had a little scribble over the weekend and we thought we share a sneak preview of one of our designs, 'The Beach Bouys: Surfin' USA!' By no means finalised just yet, look out for the full collection of literal lyrics on our Etsy page soon :)

Much love,
L&R xx

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