Thursday, 29 March 2012

Twee Troubles // Childhood Outfit Posts

Hey lovelies,

After a spending an hour giggling our way through our boxes of childhood photographs, we were mildy bemused to find that things hadn't changed very much in the styling stakes over the past 23 years. We are ashamed to admit that we appear to have been stuck in a two decade long style rut, desperately clinging on to the comforting familiarity of our youth. We must apologise dear Mothers, our pleas for pink shiny things in our younger days were unfounded, and we can only say that you dressed us well... most of the time.

There probably should be something said for our dressing like three year olds at the age of 23, but we find ourselves irresistibly drawn to collars, frills, florals and ankle socks, not to mention, the fringe. Recently, one mentioned that we had reached that god awful stage in our lives where one finds that fashion has discovered that it cannot reinvent the wheel and churns out previous trends of bygone eras. Gosh, no that cannot be the case! Tell us it isn't so!?

Maybe by evaluating these pictures, we can begin to seek out new directions. So here we bring you, the best and worst of our childhood outfit posts...

Sailor Style
We like to think we coined the term, nauti-cool. Doing sailor collars long before this year's trend. Note, Lauren's mum's epic perm & the way she matches her shirt to the sofa and Rhi's sister Ellie working shower cap chic. We were all surprised that one didn't pull through to the fashion forefront.

A Lauren & Rhianna childhood staple. Our Mum's dragged us around Laura Ashley waaaaay too much. We can still remember the dread of that shop being mentioned on a Saturday morning during Live & Kicking.  

Disney Fanatic
We were bigtime Disney fanatics. Tee's, shorts, pj's, dungarees, converse (until a member of housekeeping in Florida half-inched Lola's pair), matching legging & jumper sets. GIVE US MINNIE MOUSE. 

Pretty detailing
Beautiful dresses in dreamy fabrics

Work Attire
Whilst Rhi opts for a practical nursing outfit for a shift in the teddy hospital, Lola drives the trains in style (polka dot crop tops and jelly shoes), just what National Rail needs today. 

She was always going to live there...

Mint Green Raincoats & Chelsea Boots
Raincoat in minty green, gingham shirt with the top button done up & chelsea boots... have we seen this look before? Swap the jeans for something skinnier and Lauren, has not changed.... few more front teeth mind. 

Polka dots

Matching with Dolls
Dressing like dolls continues to be a daily source of inspiration

... that continue to dominate our lives and our faces. We have since stopped letting our mum's trim them, badly. 

Fashion Faux-Pas
We're not all perfect okay. We had our bad days too. Namely, multi-coloured puffa jackets and purple leggings. 

Double-figure style
Upon reaching the grand old age of 10, we scored a (local) modelling deal. This was backstage preparing ourselves in sports dresses and Tammy girl tee-shirts. There was also a picture from around this time where we were wearing a lot of velvet and lace... and not in a good way, we'll keep that off the internets for now. 

Sorry Ellie, please forgive us. 

Much love, 
L&R xx

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