Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Twee Treats // Kiwi Jam

Hey sweets,

Rhi here today, Lola's still away - have been a little a loss without my partner in crime, so in a bid to keep myself busy I've been experimenting in the kitchen (again!) - still not quite over my fruity preserve obsession, I decided to whip up some Kiwi Jam as a mid-week treat - awesome on toast, but I'm contemplating making some little kiwi jammy tarts with Little M too later in the week! Yum!

You will need -

5 ripe kiwi fruits
1 Lime - Juice 1/4 and Zest 1/8th of a Tsp
1/2 cup of sugar

Step 1 - Peel, quarter and chop your kiwi fruit
Step 2 - Put in pan over a low heat, add sugar, stir occassionally until sugar is completely dissolved.
Step 3 - Add lime juice and zest
Step 4 - Crank the heat up and boil your fruit mix for 10 minutes, stir often and keep a close eye, don't let it burn!
Step 5 - Take off heat and pour into a ready sterilised jar and refridgerate.

et voila!

... Now how to kill the rest of my time? More jam perhaps? I'm off to the fruit market...

Much love,
Rhi xx

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Ambiguous Girl said...

I do love reading your blog. I think I will have to invest in that little 'twee party' book myself!


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