Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sewing School // Simple Sunglass Case

Hey Sweets,

I think in my lifetime I have owned about 1,000,000 pairs of sunglasses - I've always lusted after Ray Bans and Miu Miu shades but I simply cannot be trusted, one time when my parents forced me to wear one of those dorky glasses chains, I still managed to misplace my latest set of sunglasses on that occassion in a shop in Disney World, prompting tears from me after an exasperated telling off from my Dad - and a lovely shop lady giving me a free pair because "we can't have crying children at Disney World" - I miss Disney! Sorry, digressing...


I thought today I'd treat myself to a crafty device that will hopefully help me hold onto my most recent set of sun-specs a little longer than I usually do, so here is a little step by step guide to making your own Sunny Sunglass Case :)

You will need -
Fabric (I recently picked up a load of cute FQs from a local shop - you will need enough to double over so that your case is lined.)
Sew Essentials - Sewing machine, fabric scissors, cotton, iron etc.
& A slow Tuesday night because your best girl is still in Berlin (boo!)

Fold fabric in 2 and then work out the size you need to cut down to - you need to include a little seam allowance, and room to fold over at the top for the 'ribbon track' - I estimated by sort of wrapping around my sunglasses, making sure to leave a the room at the top.

Fold over hem and then 'ribbon track' at the top - press this into place and stitch along the line to create the little drawstring channel... Then, fold pouch over and sew, starting below the channel, all the way around, curving the stitch at the corners (see below) and finishing just below the channel on the other side...

Snip at the closed edge of the channel so you can get the ribbon in both ends...

Cut round the curved corners too so that the lines are a little neater on the inside.

Next, draw and cut out your felt shape of choice, I went with some retro cat eye style frames. Carefully pin to pouch with the wonderweb between the applique and fabric, press with a hot iron on the reverse side of the pouch (I did this just a little bit at a time).

Take a length of ribbon, mine was a little over 4x the width of my pouch and cut in half so you have 2 pieces, using a safety pin to thread the ribbon through the track loop through one side right round both tracks so that the ends of the same piece of ribbon come out the same side and tie the ends together, repeat on the opposite openings (I cannot think of a better way to describe this, hope that makes sense!)
And done!
Hopefully this pretty pouch will not only keep my shades safe from scratches and damage when chucked in my handbag, but prevent my usual inability to keep hold of a pair of sunglasses for more than a few weeks... If I manage to make it through the summer and not loose this pair, I may allow myself to upgrade to a fancier set - fingers crossed everyone!
Much love,
Rhi xx


Kirsten said...

This is so clever! I bought some Ray Bans a couple of years ago, and seriously I take the worst care of them but they are still going strong. I'm always sitting on them and dropping them but they remain indestructable!

ShyScout said...

Haha, oh no! I hope that you hold on to this pair. The case you made is so cute that I think it will make it difficult to misplace your glasses ever again. That is so nice that the lady at Disney gave you a new pair :]

raj peter said...

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