Saturday, 31 March 2012

Good Day, Sunshine!

The weather has been absolutely glorious here this week. We can't quite believe that we've been able to abandon the cardigans and 60 derniers in March! Last weekend, we throughly enjoyed spending long days in the garden with some icy cold beverages, Motown soundtracks and a good book! Bliss.

With James set to have busy year ahead with The Moons, Lola took some time out with her boy.

Lennon specs!

Sun in the eyes, squint.

L&J's delish veggie bbq buffet!

Lola made her first homemade lemonade, topped with ice & mint picked from the garden. Stupidly tasty!

Rhi & Little M went on a little outing to a local Market Town with Rhi's Mama and enjoyed a wander around the shops in the sunshine...

Cool signage on Vintage Shops & surreal window displays...

Coffee break...
This town has some of the best thrifty charity shops in the area, always so much fun for a rummage, with tons of trinkets, beautiful dishes (why oh why did we walk away from the beautiful pastel floral 60s casserole dish! Fools!) and a brilliant section of records, in shop that didn't take cards, with just enough change for one vinyl - Did we pick the Cabbage Patch Kids Dreams or a bit of Joe Meek's lad Heinz...?

Successful trip, Little M got some Dinos, picked up some bargains in our favourite cookware shop, a few fun bits for our Easter displays and an interesting floral essence that will be appearing in a Recipe post very soon... 'Citing!

We had a little snack picnic in the sunshine when we got home... Little M's brand new dinosaurs were invited, of course (Paleontologist in the making!)

OI, STEGASAURUS! We see you trying to steal the homemade granola bars! Cucumber water, delightfully refreshing.

We went for Heinz in the end. Sorry Cabbage Patch Kids...

Happy Saturday!
Much love,
L&R xx


Shawnee said...

ahhh looove this post. your outfits are adorable!! xoxox

Ria said...

This post made me smile! So many good things in there, and amazing pictures and outfits!
Dinosaurs rule :D

call me debbie said...

Lovely, this day of yours reminds me strongly of this song! It's needless to say that, oh my i love it:  One Summer's Day

(New blog needing some love:  In Whirl of Inspiration )

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