Monday, 19 March 2012

After Dinner Dance Party Giveaway // Der Carnaby Street!

As promised, today's vinyl revival comes all the way from Berlin! We decided that it was Lola's mission to come back with a German treat after her trip last week. Although it's undeniable that Nena's 99 luftballons is an incredible hit from the 80s that should not be snobbishly laughed aside, we thought we would set the bar a little higher and hunt out something from the mid-century. It was a hard task, shuffling through the plethora of English gems available in flea markets, they had amazing collections of Beatles, Beach Boys & Stones but had no such luck with the German pop. Was dreading Hasselhoff popping up, gyrating his way through Looking for Freedom... appreciate what you're doing but please stop the gyrating 'hoff. 

It wasn't until we sauntered into OYE Records, a vibrant home to many House & Electro vinyls, that we got excited at a small crevice dedicated to 60s soul. We decided upon the the delightful Peggy March - originally born in Pennsylvania but as she sings in German and entered Eurovision on behalf of Germany in 1969, we decided that was enough to count! This b-side to this particular 45 features our favourite, 'in der Carnaby Street' a playful lament to a happening and swinging London of the Sixties, "they hear the beat in Carnaby Street!"

Apologies for the low-fi audio we just adored the video, the seductive go-go dancers and Peggy's Gall-esque slightly awkward, shimmying... mesmerising! 

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Check by our dance party next week, it'll be your last chance to win one of our vinyl giveaways... spreading the record love! 

Much love, 
L&R xx

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