Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hello from Twee Towers...

Hey sweets! Welcome to our little corner of the blogosphere - She Dressed in Black.

We hope you like the space we've stitched together (the beautiful blog design by the wonderful Zoe at Freckled Nest - Thank You x)

So excited to finally be launching our blog - we've got lots to let you in on... behind the scenes peaks into the creation of our first collection, our home - Twee Towers, and our day to day creative experiments, misdemeanours and adventures!

Life is peachy at Twee Towers. R&L x

Feel free to have a rummage around, some quick 'go to' links for you here:

All about us
Get in Touch! (we like mail...)
Check out our Shop (more to come very soon...)
Our daily reads


Cara-Mia said...

Ah you're both so cute. Already loving your blog. :)

SDiB said...

Aw, thank you :)
L&R x

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