Monday, 25 July 2011

After Dinner Dance Parties...

Afterdinner copy

After Dinner Dance Parties are our nightly ritual... What started as a way to keep our spirits up while doing the dishes, quickly became our way our letting our hair down every evening after dinner... It's a fun way to get out of our 9-5 mindsets and into the creative zone. We try to keep it varied (we like to think we're giving Little M a musical education...) and we thought we'd share our weekly favourites with you!

First on the playlist tonight: The Honey Trees

We stumbled across this gorgeous duo one evening meandering through blogs... We got instant goosebumps when we heard their stunning rendition of Andy Williams' Moon River. Beautiful... Worth a sway to.

Next up: Nana Kinomi

We love 60s Girl Groups. We especially love International 60s Girl Groups - so when we found Nana Kinomi covering The Zombies - I love you... we got pretty excited!

and finally... Munchausen by Proxy

Because we like to get a little bit silly sometimes... and we love Zooey! ("You said who are you-u-u!?") - Apologies if this song ends up stuck in your head all week! We can't get it out of ours!

Happy dancing - Hope you'll join us for the next installment! :)

Love L&R x


Anonymous said...

hahaha. munchausen by proxy from yes man is my favorite. i die laughing every single time.

and the first one is one of the most beautiful covers i have ever heard. definitely adding that to my playlists. love this post!

SDiB said...

Haha, it's so good! "Have you met my friend Ian...?"

The Honey Trees are just lush aren't they! We're definitely going to keep track of what they're up to!

L&R x

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