Monday, 25 July 2011

Introducing Little M & The Boss

We thought we ought to introduce to the other inhabitants of Twee Towers, as they may get a mention now and again...

Little M


Little M, stands for Myles and/or Little Monster, dependent on mood... Rhi's Baby Boy, he's 2 in December and he is a daily source of fun and inspiration... His favourite things are: Cowboys, Piggy Backs, Hugs, Blueberries and After Dinner Dance Parties.

The Boss


Bruce, our not so little kitten. His favourite things are: Speaking in a French accent, Liasing with commrades in the garden in the eve, and perfecting his cover of Born in The USA.

Say "Hi!" to our boys.

love R&L x


Jean Fisher-Taylor said...

The word on the street is Little M is also partial to chocolate buttons.........?

Michelle said...

Your boys are both so cute! :)

SDiB said...

Little M is definitely partial to a chocolate button or two and maybe the odd marshmallow...

Thanks Michelle :)


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