Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Twee Towers Tour // The Living Room

Twee Towers Tour

Room 2: The Living Room

This is probably the room which came together most organically. In all honesty, we weren't sure what we wanted to do with it and we didn't really have a theme in mind when embarking on the home makeover.
Aside from the love-at-first-sight sofa, which we purchased as a lavish treat before we even moved in (we knew it would fit ;) ... ) everything else has been rescued, passed down or created whilst we've been experimenting in the studio and not wanting to part with what we've made.

Although we're enjoying having this as an ongoing project, this room is by no means finished. Here's just glimpse of what we've done so far...

We salvaged this lamp and wicker chest from extremely generous family members! The chest is perfect for stashing dvds and other miscellaneous' items! This floor lamp is one of our faves in the house, we like it's vintagey charm and the fact that despite it's slightly unsteady demeanour, it refuses to topple (seriously though, I wouldn't touch it...). In pride of place in the living room is a beautiful acoustic that belonged to Rhi's dad, it's pretty special. It's always nice to have it to hand for musical outbursts!


Hanging on the wall is an original print by Hannah Frank, called 'Woman and Trees' created in 1931. We're a little obsessed with her artwork and have a selection of her work scattered throughout the house but we'll talk more on Hannah Frank in a later post :)


This cute little cushion is from London Kills Me... sometimes a sentiment rings true (at least, it kills us that we're too busy to go to the city as much as we'd like!)



Above the mantelpiece is an assorted arrangement of things we hold dear. The centerpiece is another original print by Hannah Frank, created in 1950. Our personalised 'I Like You' prints were one of the first things that we made when we moved into the house. What started as something special just for us, quickly generated a lot of interest amongst family and friends, so it was only right that we made it the focal point of the room. Now you can get one for yourself! See here for more details. The photo is the earliest snap we have of the two of us together - we didn't even realise we were friends at this age until recently stumbling upon this picture! We think it was at Rhianna's 5th birthday party. As you can see, we've always been strong advocators of the heavy fringe and pretty dresses!

Keep your eyes out for the She Dressed in Black scrabble tile prints, that we'll be launching in the shop soon...


Covering our coffee table is a lovely floral cloth, that was once a skirt worn by Rhi's Aunt in the 70s... and a Beatles picture book, of course, for daydreaming and instant inspiration.


Little M's Chair


We liked the idea of having sub-themes running throughout the house, we have snippets of lyrics in various rooms and - lots (LOTS!) of Chevrons! The strong graphic pop of the chevron prints break up all our girly and floral bits throughout the house. The lyric we placed in the Living Room is from The Rolling Stones' Get Off Of My Cloud, and carries on from our cloudy display on the mantelpiece.

As it was Jagger's Birthday yesterday (belated HB Mick!) we thought we'd leave you with a little treat in honour of the Birthday Boy himself. Enjoy.

Love L&R x

ps. How beautiful is Brian Jones? Sigh.


Karla Khodanian said...

I just love both of your tastes! Not only in decorating, but also in music. I'll have trouble getting that Stones song out of my head now (but it's not such a bad problem to have, if I do say so myself).


Jess said...

Love the look of the living room! If only i had your taste so that i could do my room like this!

Carla said...

You're both unnervingly tidy. It makes me hate you. Perhaps you can come round and do a She Dressed in Black version of Sixty Minute Makeover on my bedroom? You can keep anything you like. If sticky mugs, crumpled bank statements and old underwear is your thing. Which clearly it's not. xxx

SDiB said...

Thanks guys :) Glad you like our style - we'll try to share as much of our inspirations and DIY projects as possible if you're interested in creating a similar look!

Carla, we'd gladly come and makeover your bedroom - we're suffering from post-decorating restlessness and we may end up covering ourselves in glitter if we don't continue with the mini projects...you can keep the knickers though!

L&R x

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