Friday, 29 July 2011

Irregular Romance & Literature Love

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It’s true when they say that romance is found in the most unusual of places…

When sifting through a 1966 copy of playboy I picked up in an AMAZING vintage shop in Berlin earlier this year, I was extremely amused to find that buried amongst its collection of interviews with eminent icons such as Woody Allen, lengthy debates on cinematic highs and social lows of the time, is a spectacular feature, ‘The Playboy Advisor.’

I’ve included my favourite below, the advice offered does not disappoint:


Brilliant, who knew Mr playboy advisor of the sixties had such a sentimental heart?
I’ve never claimed to be a connoisseur of playboy’s shifting ethos throughout the years but I was certainly surprised to encounter such a sincere deliverance of marital advice within its pages.
And Poor Mr T.W – such a horror show proposal for his wife to suggest! I hope they lived their happily ever after...


“I had not intended to love him…”

On a not so dissimilar note, how divine is this copy of Jane Eyre that I picked up in a book shop today! One might say, that such a purchase might be deemed nonessential when one considers that she already owns a copy of this particular Victorian classic, however this cover is simply stunning! The illustration reminded me of the Hannah Frank artwork that we have around the house!
Not only that, you cannot underestimate the absolute glee a literature geek feels upon admiring the combination of a beautiful hardback and the inclusion of an attached ribbon bookmark – delightful!

This particular edition starts with an interesting introduction written by child author Jaqueline Wilson in which she recounts her first experience of reading the book; as a 10 year old with interests and attributes much like the protagonist Jane.

I can’t wait to show Rhianna, think she’d agree that it’d make a truly wonderful addition to our 60s cabinet!


Today, the boy and I also picked up ‘The beautiful and the Damned,’ and ‘The Great Gatsby,’ both by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Having never read any of Fitzgerald’s work, I’m looking forward to immersing myself in the glamorous, thrilling world of the Jazz Age and of all its magnetic ménage!

What have you all been reading recently?

L x


Anonymous said...

love that cover, although i've never once tried to read anything by a bronte. i always keep my 25th anniversary edition of zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance by robert m. pirsig out ready to dip into- it's 70s, not 60s, but it's still gorgeous! xxx Sooz

Anonymous said...

the great gatsby! fabos!

AmyMac xxx

Carla said...

Fitzgerald is a god, sure you'll love both of those books. If you do, read Tender is the Night next, my fave <3 xxx

SDiB said...
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SDiB said...

Started the Great Gatsby last night! Love it so far,captivating & really well written!

Also, is it just me or is the satire used & cycnicism of the characters much more relevant to our sort of humour than most contemporary literature! Genuinely makes me laugh!

Carla, will borrow that book next if you have it!

L xx

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