Friday, 11 May 2012

Scotland - Family Fun!

Hey loves,

Little M & I had a really lovely relaxing time away in Ayr, Scotland. Little M had a most exciting time on his first ever plane journey ("WOW! I'm in the SKY!") - and despite both catching colds, we spent the week at parks, having picnics, going for ice cream and chilling at my Aunt and Uncles very cool flat and perusing their amazing collection of antiques in their pub!

It was a lovely trip down memory lane too - Ayr was a regular holiday haunt of my childhood - as my Dad was from Glasgow and all his family stayed up there, we always visited regularly, was reminiscing about our trips to Port Patrick (where I'd stand out on the pier and call out "Ariel! Are you there?" - huge Little Mermaid fan!) - and made me realise how much I have missed those long car journeys up with my dad (and listening to the 'Joseph' soundtrack. ha!) and I so miss spending so much quality time with my Aunt & Uncle - they visit through the year but it always feel so brief, and I hadn't been to Scotland myself for 6 years! We got to see a bit of family heritage passing my Great Grandpa's cottage, and hearing lots of stories of my Dad's childhood in Glasgow always makes me smile! Not to mention getting to catch up with one of my cousin's - I think the last time we saw each other we were about 11!

Here are a few pics from our adventures :) - hope you don't mind me getting holiday day snap happy!

Travelling up

Play park fun

Totally acceptable to have a shot on the swings at 23 years old...



Told you we spent a lot of time at parks...

The stunning Rozelle house & Galleries - another happy childhood place. So intrigued by my Scottish heritage when I was younger, I developed quite an obsession with the works of Robert Burns and in particular the poem Tam O'Shanter - Rozelle Gallery has curated some stunning depictions of the famous ghostly poem!


'Sunny Scotland' indeed - the weather was glorious - I hear it was quite the opposite back in England while I was away!

Myles taking in some culture in the 'McLaurin Gallery' within Rozelle

The delightful tea room - with the BEST red velvet cake.


Did some tree climbing!

nb. The bear that keeps appearing throughout the pictures was sent on holiday with us by Little M's nursery - we were capturing his adventures along the way too!

Homemade Scottish Tablet Ice Cream! Oh my! Picnic bags with Shakespeare quotes!

Looking out to sea! So nice being near the coast! 

Little M was treated to snazzy new shoes!

Just a small part of just one of my Aunt & Uncles book cases! SO MANY BOOKS! Heaven! Had lots of fun looking through these 60s penguin paper backs! They also have a vast collection of leather bound classics - my Aunt has agreed to open a 'library' for us to borrow some of her fab books! Yay!

Antiques in the pub! There wasn't enough light to take pictures of the camera collection - more than 30 vintage cameras - amazing!

My Great Grandmother's silver tea set!

Books! The Sagan novels the first loan from my Aunt's Library - love the covers! Next on the list are these Roald Dahl books for 'grown ups' - that we hear are rather risque! 

Another lovely thing was looking through old family photographs - I don't remember ever seeing this picture of my Mama and Dad. Aw.

That's my lot - can't wait for another trip and catching up with more family and friends!

Much love,
Rhi xx


Megan Jane said...

Looks like you had fun! That red velvet cake looks so yummy & little M's shoes are the cutest! xo

shipandanchor138 said...

Ugh Renaldo's ice cream! So good. How muh does your mum look like you, especially with her fab hair! x

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