Sunday, 20 May 2012

Rhi's Wishlist // Orange Crush

Hey lovelies,

As last week Lola shared her Lemon and Mint wishlist I thought I'd spill my latest colour crush... I never realised quite how much I love the colour orange, perhaps it is the fact that it is so predominant in 60s and 70s design and it feel so wonderfully retro, or maybe because it is making me feel super summery (hurry up and change seasons already England!). 

I need to write wishlists more often - in a retail therapy blind panic yesterday I picked up several things that, when out of the Saturday Speed Shop daze, I realised that I didn't actually like all that much, silly... Off to return said crummy purchases to put funds towards either of those pairs of shoes... (or both.... and the bag... oh crumbs!)

orange copy

1. Lolita Poster
2. Vintage scarf
3. Floral Luggage
4. Orange Lipstick
5. Sparkle Shoes
6. Orla Kiely Numbers
7. Cold Comfort Farm
8. 70s Bag
9. Floral Platforms

Much love,
Rhi xx

ps. The Cold Comfort Farm feature serves as a 'subliminal' message to Lola that we should totally go back to town and pick up the vintage penguin classics set that we spotted yesterday for Twee Towers... Oui?

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