Friday, 4 May 2012

Friday Flicks // HELP!

Hooray, it's Friday once more & we have a long bank holiday weekend in front of us! Rhi will be returning to Twee Towers with Little M later today after their week trip to Scotland! In fact, my bestie better hurry on home before I get too used to this solitary lady of the manor thing... not sure how much you'll appreciate by new routine of prancing around, singing at the top of my lungs before bedtime, Rhi!?

I know it's nothing new but I've been on a bit of a Beatles musical pilgrimage again this week. With James heading up to Liverpool to start rehearsals for his next little run of gigs, we've been dreaming about moving up there, laughing at John & Paul's supressed giggles in this video, and we finally got round to uploading the videos we recorded at the Paul McCartney gig we went to in December!

Therefore, it was only apt that today's Friday Flicks featured the 1965 classic, HELP! Just a tip - the whole movie is available to watch on youtube if you fancy a watch. In the meantime, i'll leave you with the song, 'The Night Before' which features on the album Help and our own recording of Elenor Rigby!

Apologies, video quality isn't great but who cares, it's Macca... singing Elenor Rigby!

Much love amigos, 
Lauren xx

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::: Wild lola {Naia} said...

Beattles always great! I think I need to listen to them this monday morning!

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