Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday Flicks // Dark Shadows

Another Cinema trip for Rhi and her younger sister Livvy - last weekend we caught up with Gothic director extraordinaire Tim Burton's adaptation of the 1960s series, Dark Shadows, , and once again Rhi found herself completely distracted from the film thanks to the fashion fest throughout the film (She makes a habit of this, see: Hunger Games vs Devil Wears Prada) ...

dark shadows costumes2

Well known is the dream team of Depp & Burton, the pair have been knocking all other movies off the top of my favourites lists with each new release for as long as I can remember. However, I always get most excited when reading that my most admired costume designer of all time, oscar winning Colleen Atwood, has once again been drafted in to dress the characters in Burton's films (a la Edward Scissor Hands, Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow, Alice in Wonderland, Big Fish & Sweeney Todd - not to mention her work outside of Burton's films in Chicago, Lemony Snicket and Memoirs of a Geisha - to name but a few). I don't think I have mentioned before, but while at London College of Fashion I had aspirations of working in Costume Design for film, so Atwood is somewhat of a heroine of mine, I get a little fangirly over her fantastical creations - so please bear with me!

2 copy

The 1970s setting really worked so well with Burton's style of contrasting riotous colour with darkness, with costume and set design - like Edward Scissor Hands and his gothic figure standing out against the candy coloured suburban backdrop. Apparently the vast majority of the costumes were purposely created for the film - with a few vintage finds thrown in for authenticity (I spy original Ossie Clark on HBC in one of those promo pics, actually let out a squeal when I saw it!). Highlights above include: Victoia's capelet (swoon!); Eva Green in that jaw dropping red number (I could turn...); Chloe Moretz in the most amazing array of print dresses (especially that bib fronted one, want it and/or need it!); Michelle Pfeiffer's Karen Carpenter via Morticia Addams looks (apparently inspired by a David Bailey book entitled 'The Birth of Cool' - currently going for £300 on amazon, who wants to get me an early extravagant birthday present...?); Helena Bonham Carter's blouses with pinafore ensembles paired with an orange wig and huge sunglasses (essential due to her characters perpetual state of 'hungover') and, of course, in any incarnation or costume - Johnny Depp. Dish. 

dark shadows soundtrack

No film set in the 70s would be complete without a sensational retrospective soundtrack - Danny Elfman (another regular Burton collaborator) writes yet another amazing score that sits alongside some truly great classics - and a performance by Alice Cooper ("the ugliest woman I have ever seen" according to Barnabas Collins, Depp's character). So I shall leave you with the Moody Blue's 1967 hit 'Knights in White Satin' - the opening track from the film.

So need to buy original Dark Shadows (the Barnabas Collins episodes) DVD, if only the full series was available in the UK! Feeling the need to revisit other supernatural families of the 60s - might be a good time to stock up on The Munsters and The Addams Family too, gosh don't get me started on the their iconic costuming as well, jeepers! Feeling my inner teenage goth creeping out!

Have a lovely weekend sweets!

Much love,
Rhi xx

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Maria said...

When I saw the trailer for this movie I immediately fell in love with the costumes, they're great!

Maria xxx

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