Thursday, 24 May 2012

Cute Finds // Postcards from Italy

If Wes Anderson put all his genius into creating short films with the aim of capturing the quirks & charms of couples, we think it would like mighty similar to what Andrew & Carissa Gallo achieve through their join venture, For You Love Me. That’s a big accolade, but we think you’ll agree it’s well deserved when you see what they do! They describe themselves as a filmmaker and a photographer that fell in love and who now capture the lives of other lovers. Their films are a visual ode to love and romance, and impossibly sweet.

We stumbled across one of their videos quite by accident after re-discovering Beirut’s music and one fortuitous google search that sent us to this video instead of Beirut. We are not complaining, turns out it features another favourite of ours, Naomi of Rockstar Diaries.

Rockstar Diaries has been one of our daily reads for quite a while, it’s a wonderfully inspirational blog that offers snapshots of Naomi’s life with her husband Josh, their adorable baby girl (and current baby bump!) and, not forgetting their pup, Kingsley, as they embark on their adventures as a family.

Set to a soundtrack of Beirut’s ‘Postcards from Italy’, Naomi & Josh’s storybook romance is told through a haze of soft focused dreaminess, the effect of which is simply divine. The story itself focuses on the couple as they meander through the City, collecting items to set up home, and ends in their own, candlelight wonderland.We absolutely love the Abbey Road style shot as they carry what has to be the best chair in the history of furniture (no lies, take a look!) across the road and oh, that night time scene! We had butterflies in our bellies watching the footage that accompanied this uplifting, folky arrangement so we had to share with you!

Can we share one more? Here's a wedding video entitled 'Zach & Bree'...

Thanks for creating such magical videos Carissa & Andrew, you make us happy!

If you wanna see more, take a look at Andrew + Carissa vimeo channel. For now, we’re off to listen to some more Beirut! Au revoir amigos!

Much love,
L&R xx

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Mel Wiggins said...

Aww this is BEAUT! I have a girl-crush on Naomi. So stunning! Thanks for sharing lovelies! Ps Beirut!!!!

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