Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Whats in my Bag // Rhi

Hey Sweets,

I've finally caved, no longer am I insisting on cramming an excessive amount of 'essentials' into a too small bursting at the seams satchel. This week I treated myself to a shiny new bag, originally intended to be a carry on bag for an up coming trip, the lure of my possessions having room to breath (and the promise of so much extra space for more possessions) I've made the switch to a 'big bag' - eek! When transfering the contents over into said cute new roomy bag was the perfect opportunity to review what my shoulders bear the weight of every day...

1. Journals and Reads - always cart around a collection of cute stationary for essential blog noting and planning (there's always a lot of whats-app'ing and brainstorming going on between Lola & I so it's handy to have a place to keep track. Currently reading Salinger's Nine Stories, and recently picked up a stunning mini copy of Pride & Prejudice that I've been dipping into.
2. Big red 'if-you-squint-it-could-be-past-season-mulberry' leopard purse. A Mama's day gift from Little M & Keys on ribbons (handy for sizeable handbags!)
3. Little M's Stuff, I do tend to cart around another bag of his essential bits and activities but always handy to have emergency snacks and sweeties (shh!) and his little sunspecs (need to make him his own sunglass case too!)
4. TEA! We have such a fine selection at Twee Towers, always take a few with me to the office to get me trhough the day!
5. Beauty essentials. Dr Hauschka daily moisturiser, Benefit mascara, MAC concealor, Chanel lipstick and my current fave Collection 2000 'Passionfruit' coral lippy & always a collection of hair ties and grips for emergency up do fixes.
6. Scents. Currently carting about my favourite Violet perfume that I picked up in France last year - handy tip, if I've tested perfume in a shop I keep the cards in my bag, everything smells like Orla Kiely right now!
7. Glasses, I can see without them, but sometimes my colleagues question why there are nose prints on my computer screen on days when I've forgotten them... Still going strong with my sunglasses - not lost yet thanks to my lovely sunglass case!
8. iPad - for when Little M and I are feeling antisocial and sit in the corner of costa playing games.


Of course I have omitted the stacks of receipts that generally float about in the bottom of my bag along with scraps of paper, post it notes, broken pens, loose change, misc toys, and mints that have escaped the packets, tangled iPhone chargers and headphones... This was a very cleansing exercise....

Look out for the contents of Lola's bag next week...

Much love,
Rhi xx


A "cheery" disposition said...

I love that you carry pride and prejudice in your purse!

3 is Love said...

Love this bag... and Love your blog...such a cute look did you guys design the look yourselves?

Lucy said...

very nice and beautiful!

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