Thursday, 19 April 2012

Cute Find // Dainty Shop Fronts

Oh my, how much do we want this shop!! This local property catches our eye every time we pass it, with its art deco features, stained glass windows & the cutest garden terrace round the back. We've been daydreaming about turning it into a cafe/teeny outdoor cinema! Now that it's just been painted up, it just looks even sweeter. This mysterious object of our affections has absolutely no signage so we have no idea what it's currently or what it shall be used for but we want, want, want!!
Another lovely find this week... if you're looking to get organised in the coming months, the darling Clemence from Oh So Lovely Things, is giving away this free printables this week on her blog! We picked up the weekly blog planner, don't know about you but we constantly have ideas crammed into our journals, drafted on blogger, and floating around in our whatsapp inboxes so it's refreshing to come to reflect and write down a definite schedule for the week ahead... especially if it's as pretty as this one!

For non-bloggers, Clemence has also created the free 'week at a glance' printable perfect for keeping on track of your week! Go and have a look, her blog is the sweetest!

Much love,
L&R xx

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Clemence - Oh The Lovely Things said...

Thank you so much for sharing my planner! You have such a lovely blog..I'm really honored. And that shop looks absolutely gorgeous!

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