Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What's in my Bag // Lauren

Hey lovelies, 

Last week Rhi shared the contents of her bag, after the purchase of a new bag forced her into evaluating the just what exactly her shoulders were bearing the weight of everyday and so it's time for me to do the same! 

As I currently split my time between Twee Towers & the boy's house, I am forever lugging around bigger overnight bags, so my daily satchel is as streamlined as possible, reserved for absolute essentials...


1. Moleskine Journal - I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I cannot live with my journal. I'm continiously dragging it out of my bag throughout the day to scribble down ideas to come back to later, writing to-do lists, sketching, scheduling the week ahead, taking notes on new things I'm learning & also for taking stock of goals, achievements & aspirations. I know that sounds especially sickening, but it really does help to reflect back on to maintain creativity & productivity when you're having a bit of a lull! I also happen to have the worst short term memory in the word, so I really do have to jot everything down and soon as an idea slips into my head!

2. Books - 'Love Letters of Great Men', a collection of the most romantic letters in history from the likes of Lord Byron, Beethoven & Alexander Pope! I'm currently making my way through The Berlin Novels by Christopher Isherwood but the book is so bulky to carry around, I usually just pick up something like Love Letters so I have something to read if I need it! 

3. Sunglasses - Ready for all weathers! No idea why I need the two pairs in there, sometimes you need a classic RayBans moment and others, it's good to pretend your Lennon. The glasses are usually accompanied by an Umbrella but due to the relentless downpours we've been having recently, that hasn't had the time to get back into the handbag! 

4. Nail Varnish - Again, probably non-essential in the grand scheme of things, but it's always handy to keep key colours in there if I'm traveling back and forth between my house & James' to tidy up the colour! Current faves are minty green and custard yellow! 

5. Beautifying Bits! - To be honest, I wouldn't carry these around day to day, I'm a 'fix my hair and face in the morning' kinda girl and that's it for the day! That's unless, I know I'm heading somewhere which would require a quick refresher, in which case I love, Mac & Benefit for Face & Lips and Bourjois Blush. My Gran gave me the Lancome foundation brush as she'd got it free with her perfume and it's honestly, the best brush I've ever came across, blends so well! A little tip: I use Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Cleanser to wash my Foundation Brush with - it gets all the foundation out of it! 

6. Perfume - Marc Jacobs' Daisy, always. 

7. Purse - This was a quick little purchase from New Look, intended only to be used as a replacement for my normal bigger purse on a night out, but it's kinda stuck with me. The only annoying thing is that I never have my store cards (namely costa) to collect points! 

8. The absolute essentials - Never take these out of my bag, a cute little compact and Aloe Vera Vasoline (love it, my lips smell like mojito!)

9. Keys on Ribbon - Like Rhi mentioned, especially handy if you're forever trying to find your keys in the depths of your handbag! 

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Forgot about my ipod, the trusty satchel companion, it's always hanging around too! Well, that was pretty damning evidence, that I am perfectly prepared for a switch in weathers but not at all prepared for  any kind of practicality... I really need to add plasters to the essentials with the amount I've been falling over recently!

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into the things we can't live without! 

Much love, 
Lauren xx

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Carla said...

I don't believe either of you, everything's so lovely... And tidy! In my bag there are old receipts, tissues, half-empty chewing gum packets, emergency tampons, socks, antihistamines, an array of memory sticks, and broken facepowder. Everything is scuzzy. I feel inadequate. xxx

SDiB said...

Haha, this is why this is my "streamlined" bag - it doesn't have the capacity to fit much more in! My bigger overnight bag is usually crammed full of the less pretty... laptop leads, usually forget the socks, mutiple pairs of shoes for all weathers. I'm just not practical enough to carry around tissues & paracetamol. Yoga tonight! L xx

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