Saturday, 28 April 2012

Outfit Post // She Dressed in (mostly) Black

Wah, it's going to be a quiet week over here at Twee Towes! Rhi has taken a trip up to Scotland with Little M to catch up with family! With my partner in crime and her babe, travelling through time and space (Little M's first time on an aeroplane too, n'aww!) up to the highlands, and the weather reluctant to brighten up, despite my attempts to maintain Spring's calling for pastels & floral prints, I have decided to give in and am spending some time mourning, in all shades of noir...


White shirt with black trim, New Look; Skirt, H&M; Ring, Dorothy Perkins


Black Coat with peter pan collar, Topshop


Oxblood loafers, Ikon 


Black Sequin Blazer, Vintage; Love Heart Polka Dot Dress, H&M; Necklace, Gift from James!


I finally got round to purchasing that black velvet beauts from Alice Takes a Trip!

"Oh dear, what can I do? Baby's in Black and I'm feeling Blue,
Tell me oh, what can I do?
She thinks of him, and so she dresses in black,
and though he'll never come back, she's dressed in black"

 Much love,
 Lauren xx

PS.  To celebrate our first year in Twee Towers on Sunday, we're giving you the chance to win all of our fave twee-treats in a GIVEAWAY! ♥  Remember to check back for your chance to win!


elledoubleyouu said...

Such lovely photos! In the closeups, your eyes are like POW (I mean this as a good thing!)

♥ LW

Mandy said...

I love that black coat! It's so cute.

Lickle Star said...

I'm sure Little M is going to have such an amazing time on the aeroplane. I remember the first time I took my little cousin on the bus - it might as well have been a ride from Alton Towers!

Loving the top from New Look!

Camelia said...

I love those oxfords, also i love your hair, I wish mine looked like that! This is a lovely outfit, the blouse is pretty. Wonderful post! :)


N* said...


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